F21 Race tuning

F21 Race tuning

Postby Teke's Pride » Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:23 pm

Hi all,

I was out today tuning up for the Great River Race next weekend hosted by Browns Creek Sailing Association. The winds were blowing about 12mph and according to my GPS I was making 7.4 mph with the wind about 25 degrees off of my stern using my spinnaker and main. Is this good or should I have been going faster? From the sound of the water I must have been pushing a serious bow wave.

I also clocked 5.2 close hauled and 6.2 on a beam reach (both speeds using only my 25 year-old original equipment mainsali).

This is the first time I have clocked my speed in about 2 years as I had loaned my GPS to my brother who has FINELY returned it. This is also the first chance to clock my speed while flying my Rolly Tasker spinnaker purchased 18 months ago.
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