Freedom 39 PH questions

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Freedom 39 PH questions

Postby lshulan » Mon Feb 16, 2009 1:34 pm

I am looking to buy a pilot house motorsailer and just 'found' the Freedom 39PH. On paper it seems like it would be perfect for me but I've never seen one. I only really ever was on a Freedom once when they first came out and that was just at the Boat Show. I'd love some feedback from anyone who has any experience with one. Particularly am looking to know anything about downwind handling (do you wing out the sails?), is there a vang setup or is this necessary, sail handling in general, aft cabin size, workmanship in general and anything else that may be useful. I previously had a 37' Endeavour, a 32' Irwin, a 27' Catalina and several smaller boats. The Endeavour was a big Florida boat that didn't sail particularly well but stood up to almost anything and had a great layout - I'm looking for a pilothouse boat with easy sail handling and a great layout - is the Freedom 39PH the boat for me? Anyone have one for sale or one I could look at?
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Re: Freedom 39 PH questions

Postby SLapham » Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:42 am

I own a PH39 and must say it is a great boat/sail for the cruiser and sailor who is okay with a non traditional rig. Recently we have been adding grandchildren, # 7 due in August, so our sailing has been curtailed. Also a job change has delayed retirement and our cruising plans. So is she for sale, maybe; no decision has been made. We keep her in Long Island, NY and if you want to come visit and sail let us know.
The PH39 is a great sail, especially off the wind as are most original cat Freedoms. We went to a Freedom rendezvous and raced against other cat rigs, they made the 39PH the scratch boat against original 40's, 39 express, etc. They said the 39PH was the quickest, but they were not sure why. We did win and she is fast.
I do sail wing and wing she has vangs and once you learn when to reef she can be kept in balance easily with no loss of speed. As far as layout and finish you won't be disappointed. She is an '85 design but still comfortable. My wife has a touch of claustrophobia and she loves the light, height (6'2") and open feeling below. the salon, galley, forward head and V=berth are great. The aft cabin is a little tight, but still very liveable. When you carry 100+ gallons of fuel and 160+ gallons of water cruising is not a issue. We have davits so the dinghy is also easy. She is easy to single hand and we find 4 on board to be easy and 6 to be tight. I use Nobletech for navigating and keeping a PC below where I can see it from both helms and send key data to the cockpit has worked very well.
She does like wind and is better with it, although the Yanmar pushes through the water at close to hull speed with no problem and burning less than 1 gal./hr.
Is the PH39 right for you? Only you know, but she is right for us and many others. If your visiting NY let us know and come and visit.
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