F28 CK Looking to purchase?Wear n Tear. CK how to sail

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F28 CK Looking to purchase?Wear n Tear. CK how to sail

Postby acupunk » Tue Jul 17, 2018 3:35 pm

Hi guys Im looking at a 28 CK 84 no wishbone or CB. 3000 hrs Yanmar 20. I have years of experience on Freedom 25 and 30 sloop but have never sailed a Ketch much less a CK.
Any opinions on this boat and how it sails with this config. Freedoms I gather dont sail well close to wind. Downwind is the specialty from my experience esp with a gun mounted spinaker.
Had a Freedom 30 plaining in 40 knots following 12 to 13.

Any suggestions on my survey of likely problems of wear and tear. The rivets broke on the boom of the 25 in heavy seas. That was not fun trying to pull it down.
My buddy who taught me to sail owned these 2 and I love the Freedom quality and amazing room below and ease of sailing. Not going to travel much for the moment but found one and dont wanna let it escape.
I have sailed all over the Outer Banks of NC. Long Island and Southern California.

Looking forward to suggestions.

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