1989 F30/32 Holding Tank

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1989 F30/32 Holding Tank

Postby SailRI » Sun Mar 23, 2014 4:57 pm

Anyone know where i can find a bow holding tank to fit 1989 F30/32 ?
Have been to all the tank manufacturers that i could find on the net but it seems i will have to have a custom tank made.
Just checking if there are any places that i may of missed.

Top measurements (aft-fwd)
L = 23.5"
W = 29' - 12"
H = 12.75" - 8'"

Tank is tapered
Bottom measurement
W = 12" - 6"

capacity ~ 15gal

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Re: 1989 F30/32 Holding Tank

Postby SailRI » Fri Mar 28, 2014 4:26 pm

i don't normally reply to my own question but here it goes.

i finally found the holding tank thru a number of leads, turns out it is mfg by Kracor (right, never heard of them) check their website Kracor.com and you will see its a 16gal tank mold #3300 /part #2-70616B.

Turns out they do not have any inventory but mold tanks on spec.

Due to the fact that they may make one tank for me>> Kracor has quoted me $433.19 + shipping from WI (not exactly cheap but not that bad).

Kracor only takes checks .... no CCards sent to them. (sounds like a Ponzi scheme!)

Anyway i plan to order next week as I have run out of leads and time.

If anyone want to in on one with me, maybe we can get a discount?

Oh well like they say about boats ....

Rob Winslow
Newport RI
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Re: 1989 F30/32 Holding Tank

Postby 1980raven » Fri Mar 28, 2014 4:47 pm

Hi Rob, My son had a holding tank fabricated from SS here in Bristol, RI at Luthers welding. Didn't cost over $500. http://www.lutherswelding.com/index.html
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