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Re: F40 centreboard weight

Postby andygc » Sat Apr 28, 2018 11:49 am

On my Fairways Marine F30 the hull number is on the outside of the transom - top left. It's also on the inside of the transom just above the opening for the steering drag link - but I don't know how that compares with the arrangement in the F40. The lettering is small and could easily have been filled in if the hull had been painted a few times. The number is in the form FR28 107 5/11/80 (thus showing that the F30 is just an F28 with a different name for marketing purposes).
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Re: F40 centreboard weight

Postby Castaway » Sat Apr 28, 2018 6:31 pm


All the Freedom 30 and 35 cat-ketches built in the UK were moulded in the Isle of Man by Applecraft Ltd, who also made the centreboards. I was told this by one of their staff, some years ago. The hulls and decks were then fitted out by Fairways Marine, Hamble, up until about 1985, then Western Yachts of Falmouth, the change occasioned by Freedom Yachts UK going into receivership. The F40's were probably the same. On the 35's, the Hull Identification Number is moulded into the transom, on the starboard side, I think; possibly the same on yours, but might be obscured by paint. Andy's F30 has it to port. Even if the boat was supplied to your father uncompleted, it should still have the HIN moulded in.

I would have liked to have drawings of the F35 centreboard of the quality in your pictures! Perhaps it's worth putting those in the section marked "Photos and Drawings", since they seem to accord with Erik's description and pictures. Other owners would find them fascinating.


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