Autohelm 4000 mystery

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Autohelm 4000 mystery

Postby Belanich » Sun Jun 26, 2016 6:34 pm

I have an autohelm 4000 that came with the boat. It has worked fine since I launched the boat in April. The other day it started turning the wrong way - if it needs to turn to port it will turn stbd and vice versa. I read in the manual that when you first install the autopilot you have to reverse the leads if it turns the wrong way. So I reversed the leads and now everything works fine. But why did it change to begin with? I never touched the leads and it worked fine up to that point. The compass works fine and there is no way to reverse the motor electronically through the setup menu.
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Re: Autohelm 4000 mystery

Postby CaptLen » Tue Jun 28, 2016 11:17 am

Mike- good luck with that. I had a 4000 on my Ranger 33 for 12 years- outstanding piece of equipment. Got the Freedom 36- got the 4000 Mk II- the absolute worst piece of equipment I ever bought. They supplied (free) 6 control heads over a few years, and it never worked right anyway- dodge a pot buoy 20 degrees to port and then go back 20 degrees to starboard to get back on course and it would go 35-40 degrees. Didn't steer the boat well at all- finally sent it to the nearest dumpster when they wanted $200 for a new co trol head. I hope your problem is solved, but their customer service ranks at the bottom of my experiences. Z
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