zinc stink

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zinc stink

Postby BillSmith » Sat Oct 08, 2016 11:22 am

Well, the zincs don't stink, but the are dissolving at an alarming rate. Apparently, my diver doesn't want to get rich, so recommending I "get the boat looked at".

Novice sailor, but understand the problem$ attempting to find an electrical issue. Here are my facts:

1993 Freedom 35 Pedrick, boat new to us in May of this year. We have replaced zincs twice in that time. Severe deterioration, orginals-bad at survey-actually were bad and more or less were completely consumed/fell off by the time we had a diver down for a look.

Sketchy records indicate this boat has had a problem with zinc consumption before. Nothing offered as to whether problem ever solved.

Have taken to shutting the boat down entirely. Batteries off, unplugged, etc. To my understanding, starter is always 'on', as is the bilge. Bilge is dry and batteries show no real depletion at gauge over time.

Some boats around us are plugged in 24/7. Have yet to ask if anyone nearby is experiencing same problem, however, believe it may be our boat is not properly 'bonded. (Correct term?)

Solutions? I'm not Mr. Handyman. Don't own a voltmeter, but imagine that could change given what I am reading. Asking if anyone has experienced same with a 35 Pedrick and has a handy-dandy solution for a guy that doesn't want to be the second coming of MacGyver.

Great boat. Taking the family out on the water today, San Francisco Bay Fleet Week.
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Re: zinc stink

Postby gamayun » Sat Oct 08, 2016 1:20 pm

If you see a blie hull F38 (sail #38086) come say hello. We're going out shortly to bob around and watch the planes too. As to the zincs, I had the same problem. Was changing them out every six weeks. I recently redid all the wiring and my belief is that it was the bonding wire from the engine to the keel bolt (is this even the correct setup?). I need to research the whole keel bonding issue but since that time, my zincs have lasted since I put the boat back in the water in April. Can't completely be sure it wasn't the bonding wire as I changed everything but it seems likely to me anyway. Would love to hear others thoughts on this.
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Re: zinc stink

Postby dwight » Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:04 am

Corrosion is far too complicated to resolve on an email forum. The basic tenants are simple to understand but how they occur in the real world is the problem. I suggest you Google ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) and use their website to search for a Certified ABYC Technician. You can search by zip code, and by discipline, i.e. Elelctrical or Corrosion. Call a couple folks listed and talk with them about your issues. You need to find someone you feel is knowledgeable about your concerns and with whom you are comfortable with.

Note that there are NO requirements on technicians in the marine industry. ABYC is the closest thing to an authority and their programs are entirely voluntary. ABYC certifies that an individual has a minimum level of knowledge and understanding. While not guaranteed that they will be the most knowledgeable, you can have confidence they have proven their knowledge of this subject.

I teach these classes for ABYC. This is a complicated topic and diagnosing these problems can be tricky. If you cannot handle electrical problems, you should seek help with corrosion issues. When the Sinc is gone you will start doing permanent damage to the underwater metals on your boat. A couple hundred dollars to diagnose and repair the problem is better than replacing props, shafts and struts.

Good Luck
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Re: zinc stink

Postby andygc » Sun Oct 09, 2016 12:59 pm

This isn't a Freedom problem, it's an any boat problem.
Do you have shore power?
If yes, do you have a galvanic isolator?
If no you will eat anodes because of stray electrical currents.
Your boat needs to be electrically isolated from the mains supply earth connection - but not by disconnecting it!

If you Google "galvanic isolator" you can read all about their purpose, where to buy one and how to fit it.
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