Electric, Hybrids, Pseudo hybrids. Your story?

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Re: Electric, Hybrids, Pseudo hybrids. Your story?

Postby Goose13 » Wed Feb 03, 2016 8:34 pm

I've thought about the resale also and I did a lot of research on batteries. With the car industry leading the way on battery technology (mainly Tesla), the prediction is that in 10 years (about the time I'll need a new battery) a Battery of the same weight/mass and coast ($5500) will provide 10-20 times more power, which would increase my range 100 to 200 miles. With a solar rig and the engine regeneration I really have unlimited range which I think will increase the value of the boat. I'm working on the solar project next so in a few months it should be up and running, they also started making solar sails, in my mind the only way to go is electric. Fuel prices are only going to go back up and solar and battery technology is only going to get better and less expensive.
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