steering knock problems

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steering knock problems

Postby feldmandjp » Thu Oct 01, 2015 4:36 am

I have been sailing a Freedom 30 cat ketch, 'Samphire' from Brightlingsea, U.K. for the last 5 years. During the last 12 months a worrying' knocking' has developed in the wheeled steering gear, especially when there is little pressure on the rudder (e,g. running in light winds). It appears there is considerable play in the steering gear. Is this a common problem and how to fix it? Is it necessary to remove the binnacle to access the steering gear? In which case are there any hints/suggestions on the easiest way to do this?
Also I would be grateful for any advice to make hoisting and lowering the double-ply sails easier. Is it possible to lubricate the mast in some way?
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