F-35 Propellor Specifications

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F-35 Propellor Specifications

Postby Mark K. » Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:56 pm

Hello all,
I have a 1994 Freedom 35' with the Yanmar 3GM 27 HP engine and optional feathering "Max Prop" which is ready for a rebuild or replacement. Does anyone know what the diameter + pitch for the standard fixed 2- blade or the Max Prop 3- blade?
Thank you.
Mark K.
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Re: F-35 Propellor Specifications

Postby rafontaine1 » Wed Sep 07, 2016 7:46 pm

My Freedom 36 with 3GM30 engine has a fixed 2 blade prop with diameter of 17 inches and pitch of 11
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Re: F-35 Propellor Specifications

Postby BillSmith » Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:47 pm

Not sure if this will be of much help, but here are some specs as noted on original Max Prop brochure. Someone delineated the numbers below:

Definitely have a three-blade Max Prop. 16" diameter was circled on original spec sheet/brochure as though that is my prop. Will ask SF Boat Works if they have documentation on blade settings. Prop was sent back to be refurbished.

Further notations were:

18" blade angle = 9.8 prop pitch (in inches)
14" blade angle = 7.6 prop pitch (in inches)

Right rotation (clockwise for forward operation)

18" x = E, y = H (11/99)
14" x = T, y = B (2/100)

The axis info refers to letters that surround two slotted hubs. Each is set to desired. Assume the numbers are a counting of the slots (or degrees?) in lieu of letters that might be worn or illegible?

Without better explanatory background info, it is all Greek to me.

What I do know is the boat powers along great and everyone that has been at the helm has remarked about the good 'traction' in reverse. Being a rookie, very glad to have the prop dig in and pull me out of mistakes steerage.
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