Hoyt 32 jib stay

Hoyt 32 jib stay

Postby JohnReinagel » Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:04 pm

I have read that the jib stay should be very loose, which mine is. I am running into an issue where when I get the jib onto the camber-spar hooks after much work that I cannot get the bottom hank onto the stay. If I loosen the stay more it really rests on the bow pulpit a lot, and even then I cannot get the bottom hank on without first hoisting the sail most of the way, and even then I can barely get the tack on also. I have thoughts about the sail not being cut properly, no clue who made it, thoughts of the camber-spar being too long etc, or maybe that I'm missing something else. Has anyone else encountered a similar situation? I don't feel it is proper for the stay to be rubbing on the pulpit at all, which really makes the hank and tack impossible to connect.

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