F 32 Toping Lift - replace line - how is it rigged?

F 32 Toping Lift - replace line - how is it rigged?

Postby sforgey1 » Sun Jan 01, 2017 9:15 pm

The topping lift line on my Freedom 32 Hoyt finally shed its cover like a snake shedding skin. Now I have to contemplate going up the mast to replace it. :cry: It is still hanging on but it is time for a new line. I replaced all the running rigging about 5 years ago but this line seemed fine at the time.

So that I can only go up once, I was wondering if anyone has replaced theirs. How is it attached to the mast? What is the best line to use, especially in light of my keeping it in sunny South Florida.

Pictures? Diagrams? Suggestions?

Thanks...and I replaced the side windows and will upload photos. Came out great thanks to much coaching from the members of this group.

Freedom 32 Hoyt lying in Ft Lauderdale
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