Reefing Help

Reefing Help

Postby Camino » Thu Jul 13, 2017 2:59 pm

F 35 (P) - I have the rebuild of the boat done except for the reefing lines - I'm third owner I believe and somewhere the original single line reefing was abbreviated to traditional jiffy/california reefing. As in pic below showing each reef line - one and two - having two blocks at the mast - end of boom has a stopper knot for each reef line - one and two - as in the single line reefing where pulling one reef line will reduce sail at both luff and leech.

In the pic, each of the two reefing lines go through a block and where the line would typically go up to the reefing luff cringle and be tied off there - now the block shows the lines tied off at the block - make sense?

When I bought the boat in October, reefing was down by me lowering the main halyard to first or second reef point, me going forward and hooking the cringle loop over the gooseneck hook, going back to cockpit, and pulling the appropriate reef line to snug up the leech.

So, I bought a new Mack Pack main and probably the second reef cringle is located a bit differently than the original sail- I seem to be shy a couple of feet in length of the second reef line leech end - I can't tie the bowline in it to secure that end to the boom and cannot seem to get more second reef line to pull out ---

I'm figuring that there is a set number of feet in the leech end of the reef line to the internal pulley - am I right in that assumption ? Would I be right in assuming the I'll need to replace that end of the second reef line with new line that is longer than the original?

and can I go back to the original single line reefing by untying the bowline shown at the mast and running it up to the luff cringle?

What do you think?

Edit: ok, I untied the reef lines 1 and 2 from the mast blocks and ran them up to their respective luff cringles - raised the sail almost all the way but as was at the dock and breeze came back I couldn't tell if all worked at the leech end. I'll see hopefully tonight.

Is single line reefing with butterfly blocks good provided i run the newest design lines to reduce friction?
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Re: Reefing Help

Postby BillSmith » Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:33 pm

We need a day where we visit each other's boats!

As you are describing your reefing system, it is similar at the aft end of boom. Our deck blocks don't look like your set up.

I can take some pictures and send to you. Ours seems as though it is threaded improperly at the rear, but it works. Balky to use, usually have to go forward to yank free the lines which are binding within the mast. Sprayed some Sail Kote helped in measurable fashion. Lines glide better, but still not as freely as desired.

If you see my other post, I will be dealing with that mast crack before sailing again. Right now, SweeTART is a very slow motorboat. :x
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Re: Reefing Help

Postby Camino » Fri Jul 14, 2017 12:44 am

Tonight I went out in almost dead calm to try things out - re-fit reefing lines to the original single line and butterfly blocks system - I know I have heard bad things about that system....Second reef line to leech end of boom was still too short _ about 2' -- I added another line with a sheet bend and had two working reef lines 1 and 2. Put the first reef in - lowered the main to the first reef cringle and then hauled in on the first reef cockpit line - luff went taught then the leech as advertised. Did the same with second reef line - all seemed to work in zero breeze.

Tomorrow I'll take out the second reef aft line and replace it with a 4' longer line and go from there...

So I removed the boom end second reef line - left a messenger in - the line was 30'. I replaced it with a line 35'. I will adjust the stopper knot for an exact fit next hoist.
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