raising F30 Main sail

Re: raising F30 Main sail

Postby scootback » Tue May 23, 2017 7:36 pm

ok.. update.. I ran some scrubbies up the sail track.. then some towel scrap soaked in the suggested mclube sailcote..
I also replaced the little plastic sail track slides between the big hinged metal ones.. Our sailmaker (Blue Star Sails) said
since I was missing about 3 allready I should just cut them all off and sew the new ones on.. keeping the spacing the same.
then sprayed all the slides... sprayed all the Main halyard I could reach.

results: I can pull the mainsail up within about 5 feet of the top without the winch. woohoo... lol

thanks for the tips guys

Scott & Marilyn Irwin
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