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F3PH for sale (great bones, project)

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2016 6:20 pm
by rbpfyo
hi all

if anyone wants to tackle a few major projects:
1) new wiring;
2) new galley;
3) new instruments;

plus a slew of minor ones:
a) engine (tweak injection pump)
b) deck crazing (non-critical - was planning to do a square foot at a time, over months)
c) continued running rigging refinement (I replaced all important lines already)
d) hammer out the rub rail (PO had it up against a piling for a day)
e) maybe re-paint topsides (I have excellent System 3 2k finish ready to go - similar to AwlGrip)
+ probably a few other things I'm forgetting

you'd have a modern liveaboard ocean-crosser in excellent shape

price here is set by broker, but I am open to reasonable offers
also open to doing the work myself if you buy cheap and employ me
(35 years experience electrical, plumbing, glasswork, finishing
award-winning furnituremaker, house, & sailboard builder) ... 7Y0KGUw3ww

Rolf @ 617/335-4006