bargain freedom 28 for sale

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bargain freedom 28 for sale

Postby drcscruggs » Tue May 08, 2018 11:49 am

Freedom 28 for sale:
I am not the seller. I did go and look at it.

It is the fixed keel, standard mast set up (no wishbone nor center board). This is the version I like better. I am aware of the boat shown in photos that is in North Caroline outer banks (do a search for DANA on this site).

I flew out there to see and did not buy. I looked it over and it needs attention. I really like the boat though and thought someone who was looking for a not perfect boat might find it worth their time and efforts.

This is what I understand to be the case;
It has been sitting in water for at least 2 years and will need bottom job. The owner died and left to non sailing wife. They were somewhat estranged at the time of him buying the boat. The good news about the bottom is that I believe that it HAS had epoxy to hull to address any blisters.
The engine (original yanmar) will turn over but did not start. It has been looked at by several mechanics to no avail. The batteries are dead. The starter may be the only thing really wrong with it (my belief is the starter is slow turning over the engine). I looked on ebay and a starter could be had for 60. It does seem to have good compression. There is no shore power to use to charge batteries.
The hull appears to be in pretty good condition with a few scratches here and there but nothing really bad.
The deck has a lot of crazing on it. My understanding is that this happened to some freedoms. I jumped up and down on the deck and did not note any weakness or flexing. I did not use a moisture meter. I think this is fixable.
The mast has some crazing that is noted in the forum (did not appear really deep to me). I don't know a lot but it does not look structural to me. I am a dentist not a surveyor. I would consider coating with 2 part epoxy after sanding then painting with polyurethane. OK, I am not a boat mechanic.

The boat has had water over floorboards and shows it but the good news there is that the floor seems solid to me. I think it could be redone with veneers or your choice of floor coverings. The sides of the setees seems solid and at that time unaffected.
All of the cushions are gone. Not sure where but they are awol. The good news is that it would have some nice cushions. After all a 30 year old boat could use new cushions (even if original were there).
It had a dodger but it also is missing.
The portholes were removed for recaulking (?) and were not recaulked. They were there when I was there about a month ago. I might consider changing them to lexan and tiniting since they were out.
It needs cleaning.
I did not look at the sails, but there are there and were crinkley. The sail covers were intact. Would not hurt to throw the sail covers in a washer or something to clean. Also there is a newer (looked new to me but had a couple of stains probably from the dirty boat) cruising spinnaker. The ground tackle was there, the manual bilge pump works, there is the original bilge pump there and it doesn't work, a new one is there but not hooked up. The alcohol stove needs attention.

The short version of this is I think one could buy it for 3500 and with some elbow grease, have a great little boat. The key to me was the engine. If it runs then it seems to me to be an exceptional value. Frankly if it were closer to me I would have bought it.
If someone on the forum buys it and fixes it up, just take me for a daysail if not too much trouble. LOL

Dana's phone number is 252 722 3413. She seems like a nice enough person. She really knows very little about the boat. I post it only as a service to the site and the owner. I think the freedom 28 is one of the nicest looking boats made and a friend of mine went cruising in one and that impressed me and that is why I bought a freedom. I was looking at the 28 but another (F32) came along in better shape and more ready to sail. Of course, little larger, less work, MORE money. Best wishes.
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Re: bargain freedom 28 for sale

Postby drcscruggs » Tue May 08, 2018 2:57 pm

If someone has any specific questions about this boat, I can try to answer them. Just send me a message if you wish.
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Re: bargain freedom 28 for sale

Postby S28546 » Fri Apr 12, 2019 5:49 pm

When I checked today, The owner reported this boat has been sold.
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