Freedom 32 in Redwood City

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Freedom 32 in Redwood City

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I was wondering who owns the Freedom 32 (hoyt) in Redwood city. Are they a member of this Forum/

Since mine is in Ft Lauderdale, I often go sailing with friends from the Spinnaker sailing club in Redwood City and on a Hunter (god forbid) in Berkley Marina. Thursday I looked behind one of the boats as we were pulling out of the dock at Redwood City and saw a black, unstayed mast and low and behold. The canvas looks molded, but otherwise looks to be in good yet not very well kept shape.

Love to chat with the person that owns it. I probably will be here in Silicon Valley for a few years until I retire, would be glad to rent it.

Any ideas?
Scott Forgey
Freedom 32 Hoyt #85

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