Topclimber (UK)

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Topclimber (UK)

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UK sale

I have just sold a Coaster 33 and no longer need my Topclimber. This ingenious mast climbing system is ideal for the single-handed sailor, as you can hoist yourself up the mast on your own relatively easily. It works on a jammer system enabling you to ascend the mast safely and quickly using your leg muscles without any assistance from others. Once at the top, the Topclimber also allows the user to work above the masthead without leaving the chair, and the descent can be made in complete control

The Topclimber consists of 2 parts – a bosuns chair with back rest and integral one way jammer and a set of leg straps with 2 loops for your feet and a second one way jammer.

The one way jammers need to be attached to a static line (I will include 15m of 10mm brand new pre-stretch line - used only once). This is hoisted to the top of the mast on a halliard. Then by alternatively standing up in the foot straps and sitting down in the bosuns chair, you slide the jammers up the static line in turn as you progress up the mast.

These are £324 at Force4 chandlery without the static line, I have used mine once and am asking £200. I can ship it in the UK for that price or collect from Shropshire/Milford Haven.
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