F28 (Mull Sloop) sails for free NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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F28 (Mull Sloop) sails for free NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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My boat came with two sets of sails but I’ve bought a new set, so I’d be happy to give away a main (with battens) and jib. My interest is in getting them out of my shed while keeping them from going directly to the landfill. They are much used, so maybe could be an emergency backup to someone with only a single set of sails? Certainly not worth much money.

I’m in the DC area, often in Baltimore or Annapolis, could do a properly distanced handoff. I hear shipping is expensive and difficult, especially the battens, so not too interested in that.

UPDATE 4/25/21
Nobody here warns them, they are leaving my shed this week anyway!
1987 F28 (Mull) sloop #9

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