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About the Buy/Sell/Trade Listings

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All users can edit their own posts up until the time that someone replies to them.

If you've sold a listed item and cannot remove your post, please advise one of the moderators via private message and we'll be happy to do it for you. If you mess up in your item description or subject and want a moderator to fix things for you, just ask (again, via private message). Moderator names are shown in green.

Please don't "add your own stuff" by replying into Post Topics (threads) that were started by someone else. (They'll get lost, even if it is the same type of item). Instead, "Post a New Topic" of you own before you begin your message. Be sure to identify items or groups of items in the "subject" when posting the topic. This will give you your own "headline" and permit those who are interested in your items to easily find the right thread.

Obviously, buyers & sellers are on their own here as to terms of payment etc. Neither the moderators nor the administrator can be of any assistance to you regarding payments or delivery of items.

Unless it's of "general interest" (such as a request for further description of the item being sold, its location, or whatever), please "negotiate" via private messages between buyers & sellers, rather than through public postings.

Please limit your offerings to items of (at least) nautical interest. Please don't use this section as a link to your commercial website (there's a link section that's more appropriate for that), however providing a link to a website which hosts the listing for your boat is a FINE idea.

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Fairclough cover for Mull Freedom 30

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cover is in good shape but has a 4"4' L shaped tear which I covered this past season with "Flex Tape" and it held up all winter (should be properly repaired)…. it is full to the waterline and does an excellent job of keeping the boat toasty on sunny days and breathable enough that I have never had any mildew problems over the years... cover comes with instructions and metal framing,.... cover is now inside my garage and the framing is also at my residence (Portsmouth, RI)... you will need to pick it up.... $300 …. if interested, send me a text or send me an email to gerardvenable@gmail.com or call my home number 401-683-3476
IMG_20190517_120000_Boat Cover 4.jpg
IMG_20190517_120000_Boat Cover 4.jpg (43.14 KiB) Viewed 7323 times
IMG_20190517_115236_Boat Cover 3.jpg
IMG_20190517_115236_Boat Cover 3.jpg (167.72 KiB) Viewed 7323 times
IMG_20181206_074429_Boat Cover 2.jpg
IMG_20181206_074429_Boat Cover 2.jpg (61.11 KiB) Viewed 7323 times

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