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New marine products

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 10:44 am
by Michel
Today I went to the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) in Amsterdam to check for new suitable products for single- and short handed racing.

A couple of products are worth mentioning:

- Life rafts:
Viking have a new improved line of Rescyou liferafts. Many small improvements, the main being a new reflective yellow canopy. Inside canopy is blue (new SOLAS requirement!) to decrease seasickness and there are windows now to enjoy the scenery outside. There are also curtains. They have a matching line of semi-custom survival suits (same reflective yellow and black combi). ... oupro.html

- AIS B transponders
Trueheading will have a new product on the market in February 2010, the AIS CTRX CARBON PLUS. Full AIS class B transponder with built in VHF splitter (no separate VHF antenna needed!) and supplied with external 16 channel WAAS/EGNOS compatible GPS receiver. Can be put in stealth mode (receive-only) with one push of a button. Price not yet known, but will be lower than current model AIS CTRX plus trueheading antenna splitter. Also available without splitter functionality.

- Emergency navigation lights
NaviSafe from Norway have a complete line of LED emergency navigation lights with matching mounting solutions. Lights can also be used as personal safety light or torch. The also supply a personal safety torch with normal and blinking option to be worn in the seasuit and used to attract attention of rescuers. Body of the torch is glow-in-the-dark so can also be used to create a calming down atmosphere in the childrens' cabin.