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7th Dutch Freedom Weekend Sept 14-16th 2012 - IJsselmeer

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 7:11 am
by Rik
last year in Muiden we had great weekend again, organized by Ruud. His efforts were highly
appreciated. Thanks again! The weather was a little tough, but that was something which he
could not influence and .... it made the dinner in Graaf Floris much more cosy.

This year we aim to organize this is Edam. Sent me a note or post a reply if you want to join.

Re: 7th Dutch Freedom Weekend Sept 14-16th 2012 - IJsselmee

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:12 am
by Rik
Hereby more details about the upcoming weekend. Something different this year, we are working with two locations! I have confirmations of 7 ships and a few maybe's. Pls try to come and let me know!

Friday Sept 14

After 17:00:  Arrival  in Edam, Marina close to the entrance of the harbor. Showers etc. (

Saturday Sept 15

10:30 Preparation meeting Race.

12:00 - 15:00 Race

17:00 Thru "Ketting Brug" Edam, mooring in Voorhaven (Center Edam) No facilities, but great scenary!
19:30 Dinner at La Galera. ( ... Galera.htm)

 Have arranged a three course dinner including 2 glasses of wine for € 29,50 Please let me know with how many people you will attend. Details about the menu will follow shortly.

Sunday Sept 16

No program, all leaving at their own convenience.

One point. Have to ask for a small contribution of € 10 a ship to compensate the cost of the prices etc. I hope and assume this will be no problem. Thanks.

It will be fun!

Re: 7th Dutch Freedom Weekend Sept 14-16th 2012 - IJsselmee

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 10:06 am
by Hans
The weekend, like the previous ones, has been a wonderful success. Beautiful scenery of Edam past the lock. Nice wind on saturday for sailing.
Neither too much, or a drifting party. The Southern IJselmeer is, boatwise spoken, quite populated. Lots of marina's and sailing clubs. Also lots of club races in the end of the season. At the first buoy three different races, from different directions were competing for space rounding the buoy at almost the same time. I suppose most clubs started their race also at noon. Most boats stayed together for quite some time. Giving ample opportunity for pictures. After sailing there's time to visit other boats, sharing stories about maintenance, troubleshooting etc.
Sharing drinks and talks after sailing and during dinner. Sailing stories, where one has been during the summer. " Planned to go to North of France but persistent adverse winds forced me to East Coast of UK", etc etc. Good to see friends and share experiences. Thx Ruud for starting these weekends and Rik for organizing the last one.
Freedom owners in UK, Belgium and outskirts of Holland: next year second or third weekend in september, visit the IJselmeer and join us. Lots of fun.
Pictures of this last weekend and older ones: