Bay Area meet up

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Re: Bay Area meet up

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Please note that I posted my thanks BEFORE that awesome breakfast aboard Kynntana. That’s the ONLY reason I didn’t mention it.
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Re: Bay Area meet up

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Ha I have pics - albeit they are terrible due to many factors, all mea culpa - best I could do....
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Re: Bay Area meet up

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Let's see if I can remember everyone. There was Evi and Erik with a Freedom 40cc being refit. There was Collin on an F44 over at Marina Village (I think). Bernard Slabeck has his F36 in Mexico and had impeccable timing for being in the Bay Area at the right time. Don Magraf used to be the West Coast Freedom distributor. He's at Denison Yacht Sales. Tom and Naty from Ketch 22 came over for a short time before having a scrumptious change of watch dinner at Oakland Yacht Club. My short-hand racing friend, Beccie and her husband, Howard Weiss, were there from Half Moon Bay. Jackie Philpot, Kristen and David Herrigel, all from the Singlehanded Sailing Society, dropped in for a bit. Kevin, who works for Afterguard Sailing, joined in, too. Tom and Stephanie (Goodway), Roger (Selkie) and Mike (Jacqueline) brought their boats in. Kynntana was already berthed there. It was a really fun group. I hope I haven't missed anyone!?!
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Re: Bay Area meet up

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Finally made it home last night after an unexpected pit stop to deal with an increasingly recalcitrant diesel leak . Finally got it stopped but by that time I was ready for a cold one so decided to pitch my tent at China Camp.

I just wanted to echo everyone else in thanking you for such a wonderful get together. Thanks to everyone who brought food too. Fantastic.

It was great to finally meet some fellow Freedom owners who are, according to Ferenc Mate, sailing some of the world's best sailboats. I agree with him. It was a lot of fun and I really appreciate all the work you did top make it happen.


PS I departed Oakland Marinas without turning in my gate card. This morning I put it in the mail to the marina office person, Jackie. She should have it in hand NLT early next week.
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Re: Bay Area meet up

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Owe an update to y'all. Thanks to 'Camino' for reaching out.

We are OK, house escaped the fires, but just the ongoing reshuffling of displaced people has been time consuming. Won't bore you with the details, but 30,000+ displaced people need to go somewhere. Everyone I know has been involved in that absorption process.

When we drove up Saturday morning of the meet-up, our early hour view of the bay made me wonder if I could navigate from Coyote Point safely. Couldn't see a damn thing at sunrise. Have radar, but this pilot doesn't consider himself instrument-rated. Ha!

Sounds like we missed a good time. We are in 'next time'.
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