Best cruising choice?

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Best for all around Caribbean and possible offshore too (with length no consideration)

Cat Ketch 28
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Cat Ketch 33
Mull 28
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Mull 30
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Mull 32
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Best cruising choice?

Postby Capn Jimbo » Mon Apr 25, 2016 6:19 pm

Would the forum please be so kind as to compare and contrast. We two are long retired - our plan is a combo of living aboard, while moving our "home" from island to island. The Carib for sure, Bahamas, S. and Central America. And then? Any sentient being such as we just have to think of the ditch to the Pacific. So let's just say the Carib for sure, and then? Maybe more.

We think any of the Hoyt or Mulls from 28 to 33 would work for us sizewise, as all are very roomy compared to the usual CCA sailboats. But in terms of the sailing per se, my impressions are: the cat-ketch CB's (28 and 33) would seem to be the perfect combo for both gunkholing, cruising and maybe some offshore, followed by the Mull 28, 30 and 32. I also like the twin masts of the ketches, particularly for both sailhanding, and heaven forbid, the lost of one mast still leaves another.

Oh, I should add -

I've seen at least one comment here that seems to indicate the 32 could do some offshore, but only one - but it was quite favorable. So if any of you would please share your input, it would sure help...

Best regards,
Capn Jimbo & Marcia
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