F30 Shower drain

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F30 Shower drain

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Anyone have any experience with a jammed up shower drain, particularly in an F30? If we use the shower we wind up with several inches of gray water on the head floor. The water eventually drains, but it tales quite a while. I've tried to ream out the drain, but it's small and takes some rather tight turns.


Mark DeDionisio

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Re: F30 Shower drain

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Sounds like your shower drain is plugged with hair. Not quite sure how the 30 is but in my freedom 36 I come off the shower drain with a 1 1/2 inch drain/ hose which dumps directly to sump which then drains to a 5/8 input to a pump/strainer. Never had a problem. Think your problem is more related to maintenance to keep the shower drain clear.
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Re: F30 Shower drain

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The shower drain hose is quite short and really squeezed in between the hull and the shower pan. Depending on the location of the sump and boat trim, the angle of the drain hose can be zero resulting in slow or no draining. Try previous posters suggestion to clean the hose out, if that does not work see if you can move things around a little to get a better drain angle.
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