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New to the forum

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Hello all. My name is Ed and am in the process of determining if a sailboat is our next adventure. I have significant time at sea (retired Navy), but little sailing time (owned a Hobie thirty years ago). Just completed a five day bareboat ASA course. My bride and I are looking hard at a CK40 or CK44 on which we might improve our skills. We are considering blue water cruising as we gain experience.

I am attracted to the CKs because I expect to be short-handed sailing, and some elements of sailing appear to be easier. Oh, and it is gorgeous.

I have read blogs by Geof Schultz (Bluejacket), Alex Navarrete (Nani) and Carl Berdie (Running Free). I am curious about any other blogs or websites that discuss blue water/trans-oceanic cruising.

I was also impressed that many seem to be comfortable cruising with a centerboard. I would have thought that to be a significant limitation in deep water. Additional thoughts welcome.

I have also read a bit regarding the masts. Though carbon fiber replaced aluminum, I have not read any disparaging comments on the aluminum masts. Again, your thoughts would be welcome

I am currently located in Minneapolis.


Ed Coughlin

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Re: New to the forum

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Hello Ed,

Welcome aboard.

Ketch 22 has seen quite a few miles under the keel. I sailed in the Pacific Cup race to Hawaii, and back to San Francisco in 2004. A couple years later, I sailed from San Francisco to Charleston SC and back to San Francisco. I went through the Canal both directions.

You might want to take a look at my web site:

It documents the voyages with pictures and text.


Ketch 22
F-39 Express

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