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UK to Gibraltar on an F30 CK - May 2019 ish

PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 4:55 pm
by seadago
Hi all.
Looking for someone to help me sail Nausikaa ('82 F30 CK) from the UK to Gibraltar next season.
The boat is fully kitted for long passages. Currently in Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK. Plan is to hug the UK coast from East Anglia to somewhere on the UK south coast, and cross the channel to Brittany. Rest for a couple of days, and then cross Biscay in one leg to Coruna. From Galicia, another leg southward to Gib. Departure on the first good weather window once the weather breaks in the North Sea, so May sometime. Figure 4-5 weeks easy going, weather allowing.
Happy to have help for part of the passage only, particularly crossing the Channel and Biscay. Also happy contributing to air fare to/from within Europe. However, this is NOT a paid crewing position. I'll cover expenses while at sea, and share 50/50 while on land.
Plans and timing flexible. Have to be! :roll:
Any takers?

Re: UK to Gibraltar on an F30 CK - May 2019 ish

PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 7:28 am
by seadago
Hi all
I'm reviving this old thread.
I had secured a crew mate to do this, but for professional reasons, he had to drop off the cruise at the last minute.
So, back to asking, and with virtually no notice.
Basics are still as in the original post. ETD within the next 10 days (i.e. by 30 July latest) from Lowestoft, With following provisional stopovers: Harwich, Ramsgate, Brighton, Gosport, Torquay, Roscoff, Brest, Viveiro, and Coruna. Longest blue water leg is Brest-Viveiro, about 4-5 days.
Anyone out there seeking adventure and with time (and experience!) to spare? ;)
Pls reply or send me a PM