Ballast of the Freedom 40 UK

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Ballast of the Freedom 40 UK

Postby Barcelonasailing » Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:02 am

Good morning to everybody,
I ask for a help....
someone knows the value of the ballast of the Freedom 40 built in UK long keel design with no centerboard ?

It's very difficult to find details of the British built Freedom 40 as only few have been built in UK and few of them were without centerboard (but deeper draft (1.50 meters) and bigger displacement (12 Tonnes)).



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Re: Ballast of the Freedom 40 UK

Postby bad » Thu Nov 17, 2016 2:58 pm

Not sure for what purpose you need it - i.e. how accurate ... but if you assume the US and UK boats are built and outfitted about the same, then the ballast should be similar in order for them to float on their lines. I have a centerboard that weights 1,100 lbs, a very large chunk of lead in the bilge midships, about 200lbs of ingots around the mizzen. The small keelsom seems to be filled with lead, too. not sure how high up. I've always assumed that the UK boats moved all the balast into their deeper keelsom and actually may have a larger righting moment as a result.

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