Made it through Michael okay

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Rick Simonds
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Made it through Michael okay

Post by Rick Simonds »

My Hoyt 32 "Justiina" made it through hurricane Michael last week. There was so much storm surge the floating docks were within a foot or so of floating over and off the pilings. Didn't happen though and Justiina didn't suffer a single scratch, though the storm did make the decision about how long the old sail covers are going to last: namely, not one minute longer.

That storm was a very real scare, 80 miles west of me was a whole different story. A good friend's beautiful dive boat ended up in a seafood restaurant's main dining room. Both are unfortunately a total loss.

Luck means a lot in this world…


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Re: Made it through Michael okay

Post by drcscruggs »

Good news,
How high was the surge? sounds like you had your ducks in a row with regard to lines and preparation. Not all luck.

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Re: Made it through Michael okay

Post by Grimsby_Alan »

Glad to hear she came through unscathed.
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Re: Made it through Michael okay

Post by gamayun »

Hey Rick, so good to hear!! I was thinking about you and how the boat had fared. Thanks for the update. How was the rest of the marina? I hope you have had electricity restored and things are starting to improve! My mother and brother, who live in Bristol, got through it relatively unscathed, and my home in Havana was mostly OK with just a privacy fence and barn damaged due to pecan trees shaking their limbs loose. I heard today there were 3 million acres of "forestland" damaged. My guess is that this is mostly planted pines (Pinus militarius, as us biologists call them). All the best on the long recovery process....
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Re: Made it through Michael okay

Post by sailmon »

Her Diamond is on the hard in Port Charlotte for the summer. Storage yard manager said wind in their area never got above 25 knots - whew. Rick - glad your boat came through well.
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Re: Made it through Michael okay

Post by gulfcoastsailor »

Excellent news! I wish everyone faired as well as you but guess that is not in the cards. Luck is the key. I learned that last year when Irma scooted by. For me, five miles further west and I would be crying. Luck was the savior.

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