30,000 posts and counting!

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30,000 posts and counting!

Post by GeoffSchultz »

I happened to note that we just passed 30,000 posts in this forum! That's a tremendous amount of information! Thanks to everyone for their contributions, either in form of questions or answers.

-- Geoff
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Re: 30,000 posts and counting!

Post by JohnReinagel »

Thank you for setting up and managing such a wonderful source of information for us Freedom owners and lovers. Only a site which is simple and well thought out gets people involved. This site has helped me tremendously, thanks Geoff.

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Re: 30,000 posts and counting!

Post by gamayun »

Geoff, thanks so much for what is probably a pretty thankless job as our moderator. At least (or I hope so anyway) you don't have to deal with many trolls here. I love our little community and find it invaluable although I do need to report back on some of the projects I've completed on Kynntana over the years. This forum is such a great source of info for new and old Freedom owners. It has also seemed more active recently than I recall when I first started about 9 years ago. I'm sure we have you to thank for that, too!
Kynntana, Freedom 38

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