Freedom 44 wishbone set up

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Freedom 44 wishbone set up

Post by thorpe »

just bought an abandoned freedom 44 with wishbones.
can anyone help me rig these. seems complicated.
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Re: Freedom 44 wishbone set up

Post by Castaway »

Look in "Manuals & Documentation"; if there is nothing specific about the F44, or F40, the way the wishbones are rigged is the same for all the cat-rigged ketches, and the F33 (or F35 in UK) manuals will show how it's done, though the line lengths will not be appropriate. The mast harness to which the wishbone is attached, is an important bit of kit. It stops the boom moving forward as the outhaul is tensioned, as well as carrying the up haul and downhaul, plus the blocks which turn the reefing lines aft as they come up the mast. I may have a photo somewhere if you can't find a description elsewhere, and haven't an original.

Although everything is held together by string, and it looks quite complex, once rigged, sail handling is simple, efficient and one can gybe all standing without any fear of damage (and the wishbones are above head height!).

Search through the "Rigging and Sails" section for 'cat ketch' or 'F33' or' F35', and you should find plenty of articles about sails and rigging. The other great source is Michel Capel, who often posted on this site, and also had a blog about his F44 "Alabama Queen", a marvellous restoration project producing an immaculate yacht.
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