F40-40 how many were made?

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F40-40 how many were made?

Post by Claude.LeBlond »

I purchased F40-40 #30, 1998 from second owner in 2003 and will love it till I die. The grandkids are negotiating how they share it when the time comes.
Is there a later hull out there somewhere? Wondering how many were made.
Is Mark Edwards still around? He knows everything.

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Re: F40-40 how many were made?

Post by GeoffSchultz »

It's between 26 and 29.
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Re: F40-40 how many were made?

Post by RadioZephyr »

Mark is still around, he helped me buy my boat! I believe he's still at Cape Yachts in South Dartmouth, you should give him a call.
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Re: F40-40 how many were made?

Post by BillMA »

My F40/40, AZURA, is number 32 and I recall that there was a #33 referenced somewhere on this forum in the past.

I believe that the very last boats (I don't how many) were custom built.

Bill Mullen
Bill in MA
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