Freedom 39 Info and Owners?

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Freedom 39 Info and Owners?

Post by esinger »

I'm the happy new owner of a 1985 39PHS, hull number 49, soon to be named Victoria -- formerly Simplicity, Wicked, and Enterprise.

I'm curious as to how many 39's were built in total--has anyone seen that information? Also, can anyone point me to a list of owners by model? It would be great to talk to other 39 owners.
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Re: Freedom 39 Info and Owners?

Post by ketch22 »

Hello Victoria (AKA Simplicity, Wicked, and Enterprise),

I'm the owner of Ketch 22, hull # 22. ( )

You bought one of the last F39s built. The last hull was numbered in the mid 50s. I knew the owner ( I think second at that time ) of the last hull. After completion, the hull sat in the yard for a while. It was finally commissioned in 91 as an Express model. The boat name was Entropy. Ketch 22 and Entropy were both living in Grand Marina in Alameda (San Francisco Bay) in 1998.

Prior to buying Ketch 22 in Clear Lake Texas in 1997, I looked at a schooner model in Florida. They are beautiful boats, but I decided it was the Express model for me. We've put quite few miles under the keel since then. After a nine year Central American sojourn, I brought Ketch 22 back to Alameda where she's located now at the Oakland YC. If you manage to get into the Pacific and as far north as latitude 38, stop in. I'll buy you a beer or two.


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Re: Freedom 39 Info and Owners?

Post by lvwiv »

Hello Victoria:

I am a 1 year owner of 39PHS Hull #55 (the last PHS Hull) former known as Quaker II ( serendipitous that your beauty is named "Victoria" I am considering another Queen ("lilibet"

take a look at this link ... /length-39
will give you original owner names and some info form most Freedom sailboats
According to this site there were 29 39 Hulls, some Express, some PHS

I am living aboard her in Boston Area and bilge deep in replacing both her original fuel tanks! One way to get to know your SV...


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Re: Freedom 39 Info and Owners?

Post by vsschreffler »

We recently purchased Odyssey but winter weather kept us from moving her up to the SF Bay from Long Beach. Hoping to do that post Easter. I'd be very interested in hearing from other 39 owners: modifications, upgrades, engine, sails...


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Re: Freedom 39 Info and Owners?

Post by gamayun »

Welcome, Victor! Congrats on your new boat. Let is know when you get her to the bay. All b toest to you on that.
Kynntana, Freedom 38

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Re: Freedom 39 Info and Owners?

Post by captairman »

Congratulations, I too am new to the cabal. We bought the F39PHS "Shiloh" earlier this year and decided to keep the name as it's been on the back since the initial commissioning. It's a pretty name and we're superstitious enough to keep it around!

You may see us and our admittedly tuckered out sails around Long Island Sound if you're ever in the neighborhood. Still trying to make sense of the various lines to the mastheads, all now lashed to the lifeline or toe rail, there must be 4 off the main and 2 or 3 off the foremast. Variously reported as spares, stay's halyards, flag halyards, running backstays, forestays, with varying accounts about which ones of those may or may not be a good idea. So far the only use for the backstays has been fouling the 2 neighboring boats' masts during winter storage, but I suspect if we venture outside the sound we'll want to figure those out!

Best of luck.

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Re: Freedom 39 Info and Owners?

Post by gcantori »

Late to the party. We have owned Goodwind a PH39 here in the Chesapeake Annapolis area for nearly 19 years now. Raced her eight times in the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race. Biggest job was replacing the starboard fuel tank which I understand was the second time. Port side was replaced by the previous owner. It’s an awful awful job requiring removing nearly all the joint work in the salon. We are now living aboard on our fourth year and about to head to Florida for the first time!

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