Gun mount freedom 33

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Gun mount freedom 33

Post by Bill »

Anyone have a video of setting the spinnaker on a freedom 33 with gun mount
Watched the 28 vid but not very helpful
Want to try mine but not sure how

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Re: Gun mount freedom 33

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I do not have one myself. Imagine it would take some effort to get a new one made. But it looks like fun.

This F-21 video is dated but does a pretty good job of demonstrating the gun mount. Think the concept would be the same for bigger Freedoms.

Am sure there must be some owners on the board who still use them. I saw a few old posts on the bag setup too.
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Re: Gun mount freedom 33

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I don’t know if the pdf below has been posted before, it is a file on how to sail a freedom 21. Mostly it describes using the gunmount spinnaker. I’m sure the difference is just in scale between f21 and f33.

I can explain the standing rigging if you need it:

2 lines run from pole ends to the mount, then down to deck and back to pull pole either way through thr gunmount.

2 lines from the clews come down from the pole ends to the deck and back.

Finally one continuous line attached to the pole ends called the spinnaker rein, which controls the angle of the pole.

Oh and of course the halliard and retrieval line, again continuous.

See diagram below.
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Re: Gun mount freedom 33

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I have owned both a 21 and a Mull 28 with gunmounts. The rigging was slightly different on the two boats. Unlike the 21, the 28 does not have lines to pull the pole through the gunmount; you need to physically go to the foredeck to center the pole prior to hoisting the sail. Also, the 28's pole is controlled with separate port and starboard lines as opposed to the single "rein" that is used on the 21. Howevfer the principle is the same on both boats. The 21 was easier to deal with while singlehanding, but it's possible to solo the 28 with the spinnaker with an autohelm.
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Re: Gun mount freedom 33

Post by Bill »

Thanks everyone going to try it asap
Bill :

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