How to Save and Retrieve Drafts

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How to Save and Retrieve Drafts

Postby admin » Sat Jan 03, 2009 10:58 am

When you're creating a post or replying to a post, you can save a draft of your post so that you can come back and finish it later. To save the draft, simply click on the "Save" button, which is at the botton of the text box where you've been typing.

To retrieve a saved post, either go to the post where you were replying and click on "Post Reply" or create a new posting. When you have saved drafts, you'll see that there's a "Load" button which is located to the right of "Preview Submit Save". You'll then see a blank reply box, but above that you'll see a list of saved drafts. It will show the date/time that you saved the draft, the topic title, and a link to right labeled "Load Draft". Click on "Load Draft" and what you saved will appear in the text box.

Note that you can't save attachments and as a result you'll have to re-insert them.

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