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New user posts not appearing

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It appears that there's a feature of the PHPbb software that runs this forum which requires the moderator to approve posts from "new users" before they appear. Unfortunately the moderator (that's me) has to access the moderator control panel before they can see pending posts. There's no e-mail notification and this is not a section of the web site that I go into. I also have no idea what constitutes a "new user" as some people who got caught in this black hole have been members for years, yet other people who just joined are able to post.

Based upon a message from a member, I just approved 7 posts which were sitting in the approval queue, some of which were months old. Sorry about that! I *think* that I've changed the forum permissions to allow new users to be post without approval. This required changing a whole series of forum permissions, which was quite scary to do. If anyone sees any problems, please send me an IM, reply to this topic, or send mail to admin "at"

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