Can't send messages that are in my OutBox

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Can't send messages that are in my OutBox

Post by mtryon »

Can anyone explain to me why when I reply and/or submit messages they just stay in my outbox? I don't see a send button anywhere. I've sent an email to the Admin but haven't heard back yet. I would like to send these messages on their way. I hope members are not thinking I'm ignoring them. :(
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Re: Can't send messages that are in my OutBox

Post by GeoffSchultz »

Messages stay in your Outbox until the person has read them. Once they read it it goes into the Sent mailbox. I guess the concept is that you can delete them before the person has read them and that you can tell if the person has read your message. Note that you should be able to click on the "letter" icon under the poster's profile on the right hand side to send them an e-mail instead of a PM.

I just checked the Admin account for messages from you, but there aren't any. There was one on 12/23 from user Oryx relating to the same thing, but I replied to them via e-mail with the same info.

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