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Daily Digest

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I received my first daily digest this morning and was pleasently surprised to receive not just a list of yesterday's postings but the entire postings themselves, including photos. I can scroll through the list and if interupted, I can come back to the email as time allows until I have viewed all of the 16 postings. My question is why did I receive a second copy of the posting list? Have I setup something incorrectly?

Thanks for your assistance

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Re: Daily Digest

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I'm not quite sure what you mean by "a second copy of the posting list." Did you get 2 copies? You should get 1 copy with only the articles that you haven't read on-line.

-- Geoff

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Re: Daily Digest

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I believe that the issues of people not getting digests have been solved and when you do get digests, you should only receive 1 copy of the articles. Please let me know if this isn't your experience.

-- Geoff
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