Jack Lines

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Jack Lines

Post by Grimsby_Alan »

Any one have suggestions regarding which way they prefer to run lack lines on a Hoyt 32?
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Re: Jack Lines

Post by JohnReinagel »

Hi Alan, this may be unconventional (I'm anything but conventional lol) but I was considering running one from the steering pedestal forward and around the mast and back to the pedestal, basically in a loop. Snug enough that you can reach the bow while wearing the harness but not so much slack as to negate the safety benefits. My thought was if this did work and function properly that you could pretty much attend to anything topside without having to remove the harness from the jack line until circumstances permitted to go from one side to the other.

On step further may be to actually create a spliced loop around the pedestal and mast giving you true range of motion. It would be a line that you would need to leave around the mast coiled somehow when not in use but that shouldn't be difficult to manage. You could actually leave the harness connected to the jack line and do complete circles around the entire deck.

Obviously there are other considerations with this such as how to keep the loop snug enough to be safe yet loose enough and still be able to remove it from over the wheel (if the line is a single spliced line), but then maybe not use a loop. I'm just chattering now......

Good luck.

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Re: Jack Lines

Post by Cleanhull »

I am looking at a similar idea on my 35, a loop around both mast possibly crossing in the centre.
When on the starboard side clip on to the port side of the loop and visa versa on the port side.

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