Where do people sleep at sea in a Freedom 39PH?

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Where do people sleep at sea in a Freedom 39PH?

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I am curious to know where people sleep on a passage at sea in the Freedom 39 Pilothouse? We are landlocked at the moment while I refit the boat close to our home in Ottawa, Canada. So I don't have any real sea experience on the F39PH, which is why I'm looking at others for insights.

How is the aft cabin at sea? Could two persons sleep there separated by a lee-cloth? How about the saloon. Has anybody used it for sleeping at sea? What was the sleeping arrangement?


Pierre-André Folot
s/v “Farfelu” - Freedom 39 PH 1983, hull #14
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Mike Holibar
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Re: Where do people sleep at sea in a Freedom 39PH?

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This is a somewhat belated reply but.... on Fyne Spirit, where we sleep depends on the weather and point of sail. Close hauled, forward is unusable. Broad reach and flat off the wind, almost anywhere is ok. For heavier conditions and reaching or close reaching the aft cabin is good for one (there are only two of us anyway), and in the tropics I usually sleep in the cockpit which is now fully enclosed.

Starboard side opposite the saloon table is a pilot berth. I had installed a pilot seat here preventing use of this bunk. The pilot seat enables watchkeeping from the warmth of the cabin. In the tropics, we don't use it so I am thinking of reinstating the pilot berth. As it was, this was the best berth in the boat in any conditions. I will also be looking at modifying the port side saloon seat to make it a bit more comfortable as a sea berth.
Mike Holibar
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