man overboard drill?

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man overboard drill?

Post by bobr »

Somewhere I have read that by locking the wheel to one side or the other a Freedom will sail itself in circles with no attention to the sails. I think this was referred to as the man overboard drill.

I also seem to remember reading that the large roach on the main means you can sail by the lee without jibing as soon as on a typical sloop, and that the roach acts as an air brake of sorts during a jibe making it very controlled.

Perhaps I'm assuming too much but is it possible to jibe a larger Freedom "cat-sloop" in the 35 foot range without all of the attention to the mainsail that I'm used to providing? ...and without risk to the rig of the sail slamming over on the new tack?
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Re: man overboard drill?

Post by VeloFellow »

Interesting claims.

For my Freedom 28 cat ketch squaretop rig i find that I cant let the track mounted sails far enough foreward to sail by the lee and the batten at the top keeps the sail more to centerline and gets the gybe started . For the classic wrap around/ wishbone rig it might be more successful. But both are better than a traditionally riggged boat as even on my boat I can let the booms out a true 90 degrees.

I will try lashing the sail down for our next man overboard drill. Our drills rescuing a lost water bottle and hat with my crew imaging I was the lost soul haven't gone all that well. I am looking at survival suits ;-)
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Re: man overboard drill?

Post by CaptLen »

Unfortunately, practice and more practice is the answer to MOB success. Lifesling helps, too, but anyone should be able to maneuver the boat back to a person in the water if needed. Once there getting the sails ALL the way out with the tiller to leeward/wheel locked will enable the boat to lie ahull for rescue. A good midship emergency ladder is good too, and/or the Lifesling lifting tackle.
Best thing? Use a harness and don't go overboard in the first place

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