Freedom 32 vs 32-2

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Freedom 32 vs 32-2

Post by Frihet »

I recently posted that I am in the market for a Freedom 32 and have located a 1984 up in Anacortes Washington. It will be surveyed this coming Friday. After more research, I now realize there are two Freedom 32's that were released. The Hoyt design and then the Mull design (which was the 30 with a swim platform attached). Is there a noticeable difference in sailing performance between the two boats? I am not looking for a performance oriented boat. I want a boat that my wife and I can handle with ease. I also do not want to make the mistake of buying a boat that is "slow". I sail up in the Pacific Northwest and have to cross the Straight of Juan De Fuca. Light air is quite common and I want to make sure I am not making a mistake considering this boat. The only information I can find in regards to PHRF is in New England where it rates mid 170's but it does not specify whether that is the 32 or the 32-2. Any information would be helpful!

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Re: Freedom 32 vs 32-2

Post by CrazyRU »

Hoyt’s f32 is a spacious boat with decent sailing characteristics.
Mull’s f32 will be a smaller boat. I didn’t sail mull f 32, I spent some time on F36. overall mulls boats are very very good boats. I suspect that the boat will be faster and a better boat overall. Mull’s boat are very well designed.
You can’t go wrong with either one. However my preference would be with Mull’s desigh.
Any of Freedom line can be handled by a single person. It’s how they being designed.
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Re: Freedom 32 vs 32-2

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I think the 84 is a Hoyt boat. I think you'll find both of them to be spacious. I would have gotten the F32 had I not planned to eventually liveabaord and wanted the additional cabinet space the F38 provides. The Mull designed Freedom is a very decent sailing boat, not slow comparatively, but it can be if you don't have good sails. In very light wind and current, you'll want to throw up a spinnaker or reacher. Right now, I don't have either so anything below 7 knots of wind (which is about 2.5 to 3 knots boat speed if no current or sea state), I tend to motor.
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Re: Freedom 32 vs 32-2

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I prefer Mull designed boats generally, and I think that they’re superior to the Hoyt ones. I’m probably biased though, as I really love my F38. However, as an objective measure, I do know that the Mull F30 and F32 tend to hold their value better than the Hoyt F32, and are generally more highly sought after.

Another thing to consider is the “sugar scoop,” which is the only difference between the Mull F30 and F32 (likewise with the F36 and F38). Having easy boarding access via the transom is incredibly useful, and after having it I wouldn’t buy a boat without some sort of platform back there.
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Re: Freedom 32 vs 32-2

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I have an 86 Mull 30 with spinnaker and shoal keel, PHRF in SF Bay Area is 174.

She is slowish in light wind. Bottom must be clean, it makes a huge difference. A folding prop would probably help too. I have a two blade fixed and have not been motivated to take on the folding prop but I am pretty sure it would help boat speed in light air.

She starts moving nicely when wind gets above 8 Kts or thereabouts.

Build quality is excellent IMO. Many tweaks to improve bits and pieces as would be the case with any boat.
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