Leaking water tank on 39 Express

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Leaking water tank on 39 Express

Postby jdpandlp » Mon Jun 27, 2016 10:24 am

Had a leak develop in the starboard water tank that drained the tank down to the 40 gallon level. Point of interest for other 39 express owners, the bilge will hold 50 gallons of water without getting the sole wet with about an inch to spare. Upon removal the tank had a crack at the bottom of the molded in baffle.

First, though not easy the tank can be removed by disassembling the cabinetry. No cutting required, just 5 bungs to replace on re-assembly. Second, the tank will come out through the companionway in one piece but just barely and only with the curved side up. Will probably have the replacement made 2 inches shorter to facilitate getting the new tank back on the boat and ease installation by having room to attach fittings before dropping tank into position. Third, the tanks were custom molded by Todd, the molds have been destroyed.

Hope no one else ever needs this information

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Re: Leaking water tank on 39 Express

Postby jdpandlp » Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:01 pm

Had new tank made from poly sheet by Dura-Weld, good price (after change to tank design). met promised delivery, I would recommend them for custom poly tanks.

The original drawing I put out for quote came back with some heart stopping prices. To maintain the same volume I drew a tank that matched the original shape. I retrospect I should have know that the original tank was roto-molded so a complex expensive mold would be spread over several boats. I gave up about 20 gallon in capacity by simplifying the tank design. The design change reduced the cost by over $900.

Securing the tank in the same space meant adding two support surfaces for the new shape. Not difficult as there are multiple tabbed structure members from the original tank supports.
A by-product of the tank changes is that the list White Wings has had since I moved the batteries to add the generator is now gone when all fuel and water tanks are full.

Some Pictures are attached. Replacing cabinetry was straight forward as all changes were below the finished level of top. While I had the cabinets apart I did enlarge the access panels in the bottom of the cabinets to gain more access behind were the cushion backs are.

If you ever have to do this I hope this helps. Not a hard job but very time consuming. If you had to hire this done figure 3 full days just to remove and replace cabinetry and probably another two days to remove and replace tank with plumbing and build new supports when glass time is considered. Just a guess but probably close.

James Peters
New Bracing
DSCN1326.JPG (238.07 KiB) Viewed 1481 times
Tank in place with hold downs.
DSCN1322.JPG (238.77 KiB) Viewed 1481 times
Finish work mostly done.
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