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Isotherm compact water cooled refridgertion install

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:28 am
by Jefffriday
Put one of these in my F30 restoration project, it was not too bad of a job, if it works as advertised (Juneish till she gets wet). I went with the holding plate, installed in the top aft of the box. A bit tricky to blind drill and screw it in, all by sound and feel, had to use a few pieces of wood to hold it in place, it heavy. the precharged lines and quick connects seem to work well. The size hole for the thru hull (it replaces the sink drain th), they have in the install manual is really a tad big. but jamming a chunk of wood in the old one to center the hole saw and just sawing the whole thing out was pretty easy. Stuck the little compressor next to the water heater. They claim that even the gentlest of rocking, with the thru hull open, creates a "pumping" of water to cool the condensing coils. The automatic startup and low consumption mode should equate to a fairly efficient system. We shall see, in the meantime, there's a thousand things to do. Doing a fair job of keeping it fun, trying not to fret when plan A turns to B... C... D.. and so on. Replacing and upgrading all the plumbing was a frustration, but behind me now. Today the fuel tank goes back in, it was nasty inside. The boat sat on the hard, sorely neglected for several years, one owner, good bones....