F 40/40 2nd Bilge Pump location

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F 40/40 2nd Bilge Pump location

Post by TonyB »

Hey folks,
I bought Circe, a F 40/40 a couple of months ago and since have been getting her ready for her trip north from San Diego to the SF Bay Area (about 450 miles of bashing!). Anyhow, I am having trouble finding the second bilge pump. The first one is mid cabin under the sole. Easy to find. The second one I can hear, sounds further aft and I would assume is lower, in a deeper part of the bilge. But I have pulled up pretty much all the floor boards in the main cabin and didn't see it anywhere. Where is it hiding?!

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Re: F 40/40 2nd Bilge Pump location

Post by Riki »

Congratulations on your recent purchase! We also have a 1997 40/40 that we bought in 2016. We've been extremely happy and continue to compare her to other new boats at boat shows and still feel that she's a better boat.

Back to your question... have a bilge pump under the same floor board as the engine water intake. I'm guessing you can easily find that one. The other one is a little bit forward of this one. It is between the two settees. I don't know if you have another arrangement. Honestly, under the stairs, I often see some water when I take the trash can out, but there is no pump there - perhaps you have one in that area?

Good luck and I look forward to hearing more about your impressions with the 40/40.

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