Electric head replacement

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Re: Electric head replacement

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Greywine wrote:
Sat Apr 03, 2021 1:57 pm
Even knowing this is possible, I don't see how to get the old head removed. Any tips?
Do you have an inspection port in the base that the throne sits on? By opening up the port I was able to get a ratchet in there on the nut and get the bolts off. It wasn’t easy or a lot of fun but doable :mrgreen: if you don’t have a such port you could cut one in yourself using a large hole saw. It may not seem like it now, but it’s a worthwhile upgrade!
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Re: Electric head replacement

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I've already replied on the next thread, which you started, but looking at your picture here, and checking back through my notes, I think the the original base for the heads unit was only screwed in place, and, after unpicking all the silicone bathroom sealant, I could actually lift it out. (Of course, by then, I had already had at it with a jigsaw!). You could give that a try, after removing pipework and the bowl. For replacement, just reverse the coachbolts into the same holes. The square section will stop them from rotating, and a touch of silicone will stop them from falling out if not quite solidly in place.
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