Splitting Topics/Moving Posts

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Splitting Topics/Moving Posts

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When you split a topic or move posts, the original Subject Line (in the first post moved) goes along to the new thread along with the moved posts and becomes the title to the new thread.

Anytime someone replies to that post, the system automatically quotes the original subject, and then it appears that replies are being cross-posted out of the other thread (when viewed from within the topic)

"Dwight" kept coming back up in the (new) Insurance Survey thread due to replies to the original posts, so I edited each of the posts to prevent this from continuing. (Dwight is still a nice guy on the other thread).

If the subject line in the original post in the new thread is not changed, then the new thread keeps the title of the old thread (in the board index) and appears to contain only replies to the original thread, which is not conducive toward locating the information that was intentionally separated in the first place (by splitting the threads)

If you fix this EARLY on (when splitting the thread), it's pretty easy, since you only have to change [the subject line in] the old posts that you moved over...

I'm not complaining here...just explaining what happens & what I did about it for our future ease of administration/moderation.


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