F33 cat ketch +centerboard Pre-Purchase Checklist

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F33 cat ketch +centerboard Pre-Purchase Checklist

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Hey all,
Considering an 80's F33 cat ketch w/ CB and in addition to all the "normal" pre-purchase inspection things, I'd love to query the community on specific things to take a look at with these boats!

Thx in advance!


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Re: F33 cat ketch +centerboard Pre-Purchase Checklist

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Like any boat, there are a thousand things, but you can look at most of the F33 (F35 in the UK) fairly easily. Worth looking into the forward compartment which is also the chain locker, and seeing if the main mast step looks OK. Check that you can also raise the centreboard without too much difficulty, as well; it will certainly require the winch, since it weighs better part of half a ton.
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