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Leaking F36/38 Sugar Scoop

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 9:45 pm
by Knevins
Purchased a F36 in 1992 had a swim platform (sugar scoop) installed. Boat sailed noticibly better with increased waterline length. The scoop has always been filled with water whenever I checked it.

Scoop is attached with multiple bolts and 5200. When I pulled the boat for the winter the scoop was full of water and not leaking. I found two areas where the 5200 was missing, above the water level. Plan to apply more 5200 next spring.

Has anyone had similar problems with add-on sugar scoops in the F36/38? Should I use 5200 or West epoxy?

Kerry Nevins
1987 F36/38
Gloucester Point, VB

Re: Leaking F36/38 Sugar Scoop

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2012 5:10 am
by brico
I have a retrofitted sugar scoop with a small 1/2" drain in the centre at the lowest point e.g. next to the transom. It fills with the water by about an inch or so at full speed motoring and occasionally when sailing and making good speed for the drain to get submerged but once stopped or slowed down it drains back out so it is not constantly full of water. Bolt holes that were drilled to attach mine were sealed with 5200 and no leaks so far.

Re: Leaking F36/38 Sugar Scoop

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:43 pm
by gamayun
I know this is a really old post, but want to resurrect it to see how others have managed their "leaky" sugar scoops. Here's what's up with mine. It appears to be separating a bit from the transom because it fills with fresh water. I checked the bolts last night and a couple were loose enough that I could tighten, and one sheared right off in my hands! It seems clear to me that I need to drop the sugar scoop, rebed with 5200, install beefy bolts, fiberglass the gap, and reattach; but, I often look at solutions with a hammer and chisel in hand, so would like to be a bit more thoughtful on this. Who has rebedded their scoop and not just put in a drain hole? The port openings are on either side of the transom and I don't see how I can reach in and get to the nuts in the middle, which actually seem like they might have been fiberglassed into the scoop so that might be helpful if I can remove the bolts from the inside and just replace. It appears the gap has been bedded with butyl and it's still rubbery. At the lowest point, I can put the flat blade screwdriver in a little ways (maybe 2-3 mm), which might be how the water is coming in, but it seems like the gap outta be bigger given the amount of water that gets in there. Am I overthinking this and just need to tighten the bolts and drill a drain hole? Your thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated!