Should I tighten keel bolts?

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Should I tighten keel bolts?

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Hi All,
I've been thinking about my keel bolts. I do not notice a problem but a Catalina owner next to me in the yard said I should periodically torque them. My previous boats had encapsulated keels so it was not an issue. So should I tighten them or just leave them alone? Does anyone know the proper torque (by eye they look like 5/8 bolts with a 15/16 nut)
BTW I have an '87 F36/38 with a fin keel (6ft draft).

Michael Belanich
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Re: Should I tighten keel bolts?

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Leave them alone.
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Question: Torque for F36 Keel Bolts ??

Post by mrleinweber »

Hello All.

I may need to drop my keel (wish I did not but have some leakage) and I will need to know the Keel Bolt Torque.

Freedom 36, full keel (I have a cat ketch but likely it would be same as a F36 or similar)

F36 Keel Bolt Torque ??? :

Thanks in advance, Michael

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